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Terms and conditions

1. To secure any date, MSmedia requires a non-refundable booking fee of 450 Euro. The balance is due on or before the event day. However, please note that you can cancel this contract before the 14th day expires by email and you will be fully refunded.

2. No warranty is given or implied by MSmedia in respect of the quality of the original, reproductions (copies) or otherwise of the film caused by any circumstances beyond our control. Liability is limited only to moneys paid.

3. A period of 15 days is given to check delivered material for faults or errors. MSmedia will replace any faulty materials and correct any mistakes free of charge and as quickly as possible. After this 15 day grace period has elapsed, MSmedia reserves the right to remove all footage from our editing suites.

4. The client have critically viewed samples of MSmedia work and hereby grants full editorial control to MSmedia. While we welcome your input and requests in advance of the edit process tarting, with the exception of error correction, any re-edits requested by the client after the final edit is complete may incur an additional charge.

5. For all packages, within a radius of 200 km, no travel fees.

6. When filming event, product, or any other preparations, the location must be within 30 minutes of by car. For any other preparations the location must be within 15 min from first location by car.

7. When filming goes beyond the contracted finish time, an additional fee of €150 per hour will be incurred.

8. It is the costumer’s responsibility to obtain any required permission to film the ceremony, reception and any other locations where filming is to take place. In addition, the client agree to ensure that the necessary arrangements have been made with and the permissions obtained from the people that may be recorded.

9. It is the policy of MSmedia not to provide unedited, raw footage.

10. While every effort is made by MSmedia to ensure full working order of equipment, breakdowns can occur. MSmedia does not accept any responsibility for any loss or damage to video material arising from breakdown or equipment failure or any other circumstances beyond their control. MSmedia will endeavour to bring additional equipment to every project, should any breakdown or equipment failure occur.

11. Complimentary drone footage may be included in your event film. For safely and to comply with IAA regulations, drones cannot be flown over or in close proximity to groups of people, within 5km of an aerodrome, over urban areas, in civil or military controlled airspace, in restricted areas, or above certain heights.

12. Drone usage cannot be guaranteed as the use of a drone is dependent on many factors beyond our control; such as weather, location and other restrictions. There may also be time constrains making the use of a drone impractical or impossible. The use of the drone is at the sole discretion of MSmedia. A refund is applicable if it is not possible or practical to use the drone (100 Euro).

13. In certain smaller venues, no hot food is available outside of the event reception for non-event guests. In such circumstances, MSmedia requires that the client make provision with the venue that all members of our staff are provided with a hot meal at the same time as the event guests.

14. An extra charge may apply for filming and editing additional live performances such as Irish dancers, singing waiters, comedians, firework displays, etc., depending on the scheduled time and duration of the performances.

15. No filming occurs during any part of the event meal.

16. MSmedia always aims to produce the best possible event film, and quality can take time. During very busy periods, the delivery lead time can be between three and eightteen weeks from the date when all required materials are supplied by the client.

17. Any complaints should be raised by the client with MSmedia in writing, within 15 days of first becoming aware of the matter to be complained of and in any event within 15 days of receipt of the link with online event film version. After 15 days from the moment that the client received the link, no complaints will be accepted.

18. MSmedia takes all appropriate measures to keep your personal data secure. We only collect information that we require to provide the best possible service.